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Age of Stupid

New film set in the devastated world of 2055, looking at old footage from 2008 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?


Bags in Trees

An ironic site showcasing how plastic gets stuck in trees.

BBC – Climate Change

A wealth of information on evidence, impacts, alternative energy sources, policies and links

Born Free Foundation

Working throughout the world to prevent wild animal suffering and keep threatened species in the wild.

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Campaign to Protect Rural England

Protecting and enhancing local countryside

Carbon Trust

Helps businesses and people cur carbon emissions, and supports development of low carbon technologies.

Climate Ark

Climate science, policy and advocacy. Fabulous Climate News section.

Compassion in World Farming

Charity advancing farm animal welfare


Official site for the film documentary, An Inconvenient Truth about the Earth’s climate crisis.

Climate Crisis Coalition

Forging new alliances beyond the environmental groups. USA climate crisis focus.

Cool Kids for a Cool Climate

Awareness raising, engaging and education on climate change for young people

Crop Circles

There are many sites on crop circles, but this is the one we monitor. It’s got the circles mentioned in the blog.

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Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Saving species from extinction worldwide.

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Network of USA organizations, offering simple ways to protect the environmental and promote well-being.

Earth Watch Institute

Engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.

End of the line

Imagine a world without fish?

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Friends of the Earth

Exists to protect and improve the conditions for life on Earth, now and for the future.


Changing the world one gift at a time.

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Global Humanitarian Forum

The Forum's strategic focus is the human impact of climate change and boosting assistance to worst affected poor and vulnerable communities around the world.

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs

A collective picture of a warming world


Fun idea for a polar bear game

Green Alliance

An independent organisation working to make environmental solutions a priority in British politics.


To give our fragile Earth a voice, find solutions, seek change and action.


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Hay in Art

A collection of great works in Hay!

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Part of an SOS campaign to get everyone worldwide to answer the call for immediate and sustained action to solve the climate change crisis.

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Marine Conservation Society

UK charity dedicated to the conservation of the marine environment

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National Trust

The Trust is learning how to adapt to the impacts of climate change in the UK, and starting to tackle its causes.

National Maritime Museum

Museum working to illustrate the importance of the sea, time and the stars and their relationship with people. Collection includes Nelson and the Bear.


Science based journalism on Earth and the environment.

Next Generation Earth

Help endorse a clean energy future, including USA state-by-state impact assessments.

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Office of Climate Change

Works across Government to support analytical work on climate change and the development of climate change policy and strategy.

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Polar Bears International

Information on polar bears and climate change and supports projects to help. www.polarbearsinternational.com

Polar Bear SOS

Promotes action to prevent polar bear extinction, includes SOS video.

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Royston Cave

Royston Cave is unique in Europe. Believed to date from the 13th Century, it is a man-made cavern in the shape of a beehive. It contains many strange medieval carvings.


Animal Welfare and protection.


Promotes conservation of birds and other wildlife through the protection and recreation of habitats

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Stop Climate Chaos

Coalition of civil society organisations working together to mobilse public concern and promote action.

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Tate Britain

The national gallery of British art from 1500 to date, including The Haymakers, Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crosssing the Alps, and the Lady of Shallott.

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Inspiring people to change the world by everyday actions.

Wildlife Trusts 

Working for an environment rich in wildlife.

Wildlife Watch

The UK’s leading environmental action club for kids

World view of global warming

Showing the effects of global warming across the world today

World Watch Institute

Independent research for an environmentally sustainable and just society

World Wildlife Fund for Nature

Internationally renowned organisation on conservation of species and environment

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

Animal welfare world-wide, working with organisations.
Also www.wspa-international.org

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Zoological Society of London

Aa charity devoted to conservation and education supporting the London Zoo and Whipsnade Wild Animal Park 

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Sir David Attenborough

David Bellamy

Bill Oddie

Dr Chadden Hunter

Global citizen, wildlife biologist and film maker with a passion for conservation

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