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Welcome to our website. Our names are Ben, Julia and Sarah Whittenbury, Jonas Fosbrooke and Caleb Hitch.  We live in Hertfordshire, England.

We set up this website because we found a remarkable journal from the 1820s written by Charles Lamb. He was a famous essayist and poet who sometimes stayed at Blakesware Manor in Hertfordshire.

Plenty of strange things happened to us before we found the amazing journal. So strange in fact that we decided to write about how we found it and share the journal with the world.  We put everything into a book and got some copies printed.  It wasn't a decision we took lightly, but we're so worried about our planet that we just did it. 

We all contributed to the story so we decided to use the collective name 'Billie Shears' as author.  It was Ben's idea because he loves the Beatles and Billie Shears is introduced the band on the landmark Sgt Pepper album.

We also decided to tell the story through answers to questions in the Haymaker's Survey and to keep an eye on world-wide events linked to the questions. We've started to see a lot of strange things, so have begun to keep these under a Whittenbury Watch www.watch.thehaymakerssurvey.com

Please do take a look about our site.  You can see the places where everything happened and a Directory of organizations helping Mother Nature. We also have a fun page.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

Ben, Julia, Sarah, Jonas and Caleb

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